Technician Guided Appliance Repair Service

You’ll love this new appliance repair service! We help you fix your appliance for only $24.95. Guaranteed!

Do it yourself doesn’t mean do it alone.™

Technician Guided Appliance Repair Service

We help you fix your appliance for only $24.95. Guaranteed!

Do it yourself doesn’t mean do it alone.™

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How to Get Started

To start fixing your appliance, begin by clicking the “ASK A TECH” chat button. A technician will answer your chat request and ask questions about your appliance. As a friendly reminder, payment is required before a technician can help you diagnose or repair an appliance.

Why Tin Lizzee?

Tin Lizzee offers DIY appliance repair help at the touch of a “chat button”. For one low payment, our technicians are Virtually There™ to help you find out what’s wrong with your appliance or tell you how to repair it.  What does that mean to you? That means you get help immediately, when you need it, affordably.  A diagnosis is $24.95 and a repair is $29.95.  Compare that to an in-home service call with an average cost of $170! The good news is you don’t need any experience at all when it comes to fixing your broken appliance!  Tin Lizzee provides that for you through years of knowledge and expertise. You will be guided through every step of the way.

When you “talk” with your technician through our chat, you can see and read each step so there is no confusion as to what to do next.  When we say we are Virtually There™ with you, we mean it. Download the free Tin Lizzee Virtually There™ app, camera share with your technician,  and they can see what you are doing.  Then the technician can even draw on your screen with our unique screen drawing technology to show you what to do.

With Tin Lizzee, do it yourself doesn’t mean do it alone!

Outstanding Support

Click the “Ask a Tech” chat button or the chat bubble icon on the bottom right of the site to chat with a certified technician. Our Tin Lizzee Techs are among the best in the business with years of experience. Carefully selected, they are certified experts in their fields. Tin Lizzee ensures that the technical expertise you receive will be knowledgeable, courteous and respectful.

With our help, you will be amazed at how simple most things are to repair!

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