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Modern Electric Range
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DIY Appliance Repair – Electric Stoves – How they Work

Welcome to our latest edition of the DIY Appliance Repair: Getting Started Series intended to provide our readers with a…

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Dryer Preventative Maintenance

Dryer maintenance is easy! Clean the lint screen before each load. Says so on a lot of dryer filters nowadays.…

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Maytag’s are My Favorite

As an in-home appliance repair technician, you develop preferences for certain brands over others. My preferences are based on the…

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Refrigerator and Ice Maker Preventative Maintenance

The Fridge When I visit a home for a refrigerator problem many of my customers will comment, “the fridge used…

Woman inspecting a motherboard component
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DIY Appliance Repair | Getting Started

Tin Lizzee wants nothing more than to help anyone interested save money on their home appliance repairs! We take your…

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Why Your New Dishwasher Doesn’t Clean Your Dishes

By Kevin Derry   Have you noticed that your brand new dishwasher doesn’t really get your dishes clean? That your…

A picture containing a wringer washer, ice box, and television.
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The Evolution of Appliance Repair Service

Thirty-five years ago, on-site appliance repair service was the only game in town except for toasters, irons, and miscellaneous household…

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The Importance of General Maintenance

Performing general maintenance on a routine schedule can go a long way to ensure the longevity of your household appliances.…

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Helpful Tips to Improve Oven Performance

New to You We all move occasionally, and with new homes come new appliances.  Perhaps not brand new, but “new…

Wall Oven Installation with Two People
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Easy Home Appliance Installation Checks

Most people assume their appliance is installed properly because the installer said it was. I know this sounds a little…