Repair Talk

Clean, dry clothes inside a dryer.
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There is a Right Way to Dry Clothes!

I’m sure the first thing you thought was, “What!?” Please, hear me out. Drying clothes is a basic function of…

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Why HE Soap Matters for Great Wash Results

The transition from traditional washers to high-efficiency (HE) meant soap had to change, too. Fortunately, millions of people got the…

Woman Repairing Oven
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DIY Appliance Repair or Done for You?

The cost of home appliance repair gets more expensive as other related prices increase. You still end up with the…

Woman Holding Her Nose by Her Smelly Washer
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How to End the Smell from Your Washer!

I’ve been around home appliances for a very long time, and if there’s one complaint I hear more than others,…

woman loading clothes washer
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Top Five Preventative Measures for Home Appliances

With cold weather knocking at the door, I think it’s safe to say most of us, me included, look forward…

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It’s Amazing How Easy Most Appliance Problems Are to Repair!

If you own an appliance, chances are it has failed at some time or other. This never seems to happen…

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What’s in a name?

When people learn about’s unique live online appliance repair service, they almost universally think that the concept is a…

1224 854 Mary Nelson
Don’t Despair, Self-Repair!

Murphy’s law. How does that old adage go? If it can go wrong, it will? Many people add to that, “and…

634 400 Sean D
Fix Your Dishwasher and Save the Planet

Fix your dishwasher and save the planet! We human beings generate a lot of waste.  That has always been the…

425 472 Sean D
Why Live With It? Repair It Yourself!

  Monday morning at work, co-workers greet each other with “How was your weekend?” and “What did you do?”  I…