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The cost of home appliance repair gets more expensive as other related prices increase. You still end up with the same service, same company, but higher prices. Is that fair? In a typical scenario that sees you with a broken five year old washer, you’re forced to make a decision. Can I fix it myself or should I take a chance with an appliance repair company? The answer depends on your level of experience and
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I’ve been around home appliances for a very long time, and if there’s one complaint I hear more than others, it’s why does my washer smell so bad? To be more accurate, the smell issue wasn’t a big deal until the advent of residential front load washers. Top load washers smell, too, but not as bad as their front loading counterparts. What Causes the Smell? After washing clothes for a time, the buildup of dirt
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With cold weather knocking at the door, I think it’s safe to say most of us, me included, look forward to enjoying many warm and cozy nights in our homes. At the worst possible time (is there a good time?) one of your appliances decides it’s time to upset the routine and make you think the entire world is caving in because it no longer runs. Yes, sometimes it feels as if everything is going
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Fix your dishwasher and save the planet! We human beings generate a lot of waste.  That has always been the case; archaeologists learn much of what they know about previous civilizations by the thorough examination of their garbage pits.  In this modern age, especially in developed countries, we generate truly staggering amounts of trash. In the United States alone, Americans toss about four and a half pounds each, or 230 million tons of garbage a
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  Monday morning at work, co-workers greet each other with “How was your weekend?” and “What did you do?”  I work with a regular cross-section of people, so I have been a little surprised at the increasing numbers of folks who reply, “Oh, I repaired my dishwasher,” “I built a deck,” or “I made my own moonshine!”  Just kidding about the last one, but it seems that more and more people are taking on do-it-yourself
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