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Tin Lizzee is offering a discounted appliance repair session with one of our expert technicians!

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How it works

  • You will “talk” with your Tin Lizzee tech through “chat”.  No phone call needed! Just begin your scheduled chat session by visiting and clicking the “ask a tech” chat widget found on any page.
  • Your Tech will find out what’s wrong with your appliance and tell you how to fix it.
  • You can even show your tech the problem. Download the FREE Tin Lizzee Virtually There™ app for Android and iOS. Virtually There™ uses the rear camera of your phone or tablet to show the tech the problem.
  • Repair Easy!

What’s the catch?

After your repair session, we would like you to fill out a short online survey telling us about your experience. This will help us continue to provide appliance repair service that our customers find valuable.