Virtually There™

Virtually There™ is the free Tin Lizzee camera sharing app for your smart phone or iPad. Using Virtually There ™ you can show your Tin Lizzee Technician the problem during your chat service session and your technician can even virtually draw on your screen to show you what to do.

Using the Virtually There™ App

During your service chat with your technician, if you would like to show the technician what you see:

1. Tell the technician you want to use Virtually There™

2. Download the app for iOS or Android

3. Start chatting and camera sharing on the app

Screen Annotations


In addition to seeing what your camera sees, Virtually There™ also lets the technician annotate (or virtually draw) on your phone screen.

The technician walks you through troubleshooting and repairing your home appliances. By using the video marker or “drawing” on your screen, you get the one on one help you need, virtually!

This screen drawing gives customers of all experience levels the ability to repair their own appliances, saving time and money.

Do it yourself doesn’t mean do it alone.



  • Your current chat session will change from the to the Tin Lizzee App.
  • You will keep chatting with the same Tin Lizzee Tech, but your chat will not have the same “thread” because you are changing devices or apps that you are chatting on.
  • Not to worry! Keep your (web browser) chat open and your technician is right there with you. Even if you close your browser, go back to on the same device and browser and click the chat widget, your technician will still be there!